About this site

This page collects and archives my writings and talks since the 1990s. It includes discussion documents for organisations and political debates; speech notes and talks; academic journal articles and books; short historical and contemporary analyses; notes on some of the workshops I have done with social movements and unions; and a few photos and other ephemera. Also translated stuff. Where the original PDF is available, I will usually include it. It’s a work in progress, reflecting my main areas of interest:

  • Neo-liberal restructuring, including state-owned corporations and economic & social policy;
  • Trade unions and working class movements: history, politics, struggles, strategies;
  • Labour history, including global labour history;
  • Alternative development strategies;
  • Anarchist & syndicalist, Marxist and left history and theory, including race and the national question.

You can check my Academia.edu page for more materials. I have taught at the universities of Witwatersrand, Kassel, Rhodes, also at the DITSELA Workers Institute, the Global Labour University / ENGAGE, and for the National Union of Metalworkers of SA (NUMSA), the Workers Library and Museum, and the Anti-Privatisation Forum. I am a prize-winning scholar, actively involved in working class movements and popular and union education, with a number of books and edited journal special issues, numerous chapters and academic papers, and over 420 papers or talks.

Bye for now.


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