One thought on “[ANALYSIS]: Yushaú, Byrne, McGregor & van der Walt, “Towards a Viable Counter-Movement in Nigeria: Beyond May Day Celebrations”

  1. Thanks alot Prof, this is quite great. Happy May Day. How was your trip to austria? On 2 May 2014 09:11, “Lucien van der Walt: writings + PDFs on labour/ left history, political economy, unions + class struggles” wrote:

    > Lucien van der Walt posted: “Muttaqa Yusha’u, Sian Byrne, Warren > McGregor and Lucien van der Walt, 20 June, 2013, “Beyond May Day > Celebrations: Towards a Viable Counter-Movement in Nigeria,” Daily Labour, > volume 26, number 7, (Nigeria), p. 10. (Also see corrections note in Daily > Labo”

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