[6-DAY SCHOOL with Eastern Cape unions]: 25-30/08/2019: “South African Political Economy and the Global Crisis”

Looking back at the year: we ran a great August 2019 short course on “Political Economy, and Economic and Social Policy” at Rhodes University in Makhanda/ Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape. Our theme is “South African Political Economy and the Global Crisis.” The short course is the first module in our four module Policy, Theory and Research for Labour Movements programme.

This has been developed by the Neil Aggett Labour Studies Unit (NALSU) and the Department of Sociology at Rhodes University, in Makhanda/ Grahamstown. The programme is fully-funded by the merSETA and directed towards unionised workers in the metals, engineering and related sectors, with a focus on the Eastern Cape.

Big thanks to comrade lecturers and facilitators, Leroy Maisiri (in the picture of three), Louise Hagemeier and David Fryer, Valance Wessels and all the comrades!!!


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